The employee of the Month Criteria: What Should You Measure?


The employee of the Month Criteria: What Should You Measure?






Work Commitment

Personal Performance

Setting Up Rules to Select the Employee of the Month

Mix it Up

Choosing the Right Rewards

Why Have an Employee of the Month Program?

Implementing a monthly employee recognition program can have a powerful effect on your team. However, it should always be done with clear goals in mind, otherwise, you risk spending a lot of time and money on a glorified popularity contest that will achieve little results and risk alienating some of your team members.

 Employee Of The Month Program – Is it worth it?

So, what are you looking to accomplish? Here are some popular goals:

  • Better employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer service ratings
  • Higher quality in your products or services
  • Reduction in errors or complaints from customers
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Improved employee retention

Ways to Award the Employee of the Month

Once you have defined the main goal you wish to achieve with an employee recognition award program, it’s time to set up the mechanics for selection.

A very common way to choose each month’s winner is to create a nominating committee composed of managers and executives from all the different departments in the company, including human resources. In this case, the committee meets once a month and each member nominates a person based on the goals set above; then the group discusses the merits of each nominee and proceeds to vote for the winner.

The downside to this approach is that some managers might do a better job at “campaigning” on behalf of one of their team members than others. In some other cases, the committee can fall into the practice of simply rotating from the list of previous nominees until everyone gets a chance to earn the title.

A second way to award the Employee of the Month is by involving the whole company in the nomination process. This can be achieved by using, either simple, low-tech nomination forms and a drop box or more sophisticated online forms, where each nominator can enter the name of their nominee along with a short paragraph justifying their decision.